Having a self-hosted blog and a (dot)com site address has always been my dream. Okay, so maybe “dream” is too grand a word to describe something as simple as having your own domain. But dreams don’t always have to be massive, one-day-I’ll-conquer-the-world type of goals, right?

So anyway. After many free WordPress blogs over the years, I finally jumped to self-hosting — thanks much to Namecheap’s Cyber Monday sale. I admittedly do not have any long-term plans for my (dot)com site; for now, it’s all about testing the waters to see if blogging is going to be any different one year later. But if you are still interested in reading what I have to say, head on to HEYITSODEE.COM and feel free to roam around. :)


Thank you for the support, and I hope to feel your presence in my new website! ^_^

A couch potato’s first boxing session experience.

Boxing looks tough in pictures. IT IS WAY TOUGHER IN REAL LIFE.

Four years ago, I used to do fun runs. I was 100 pounds then and on my way to having lady abs. Then promo buffets and other things happened, and before I knew it, my stamina has dwindled to a trickle and now I couldn’t take the stairs to the second floor without feeling like I just ran a 10K. Clearly, I needed to do something. So I signed up for a 6-session boxing package at Gerry Penalosa Boxing Gym at Marcos Highway and took my first session yesterday.

Okay. I have about 4 or 5 friends who do boxing, but nobody warned me how INTENSE it was. Well, one did, but I didn’t really believe her.

I don’t know how it is in other boxing gyms, but I was not given any pep talk. No walk-through and other pre-boxing chit-chat. After being introduced to the trainer, he asked me, “do you need to change outfit?” I said no. He then activated a timer and said, “let’s do jumping jacks for 3 minutes.” I was like, er, now?

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Book Review: Another Day by David Levithan.

"A million times yes." -- quote from the book 'Another Day'
“A million times yes.” — quote from the book ‘Another Day’

I couldn’t really put a finger on what makes this YA book so endearing. It could be the plot’s unconventional premise, the mystery surrounding the other main character, or both. All I know is that I already finished the book a third time and I still can’t get enough of it.

Most people who read Another Day are those who have already read its twin novel, Every Day, written by Levithan three years prior. I may be one of the few who hadn’t read Every Day first. If you’re one, too, then this plot is for you. :)

Rhiannon is the very devoted girlfriend to Justin, but deep inside, she’s feeling the toll of being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t really appreciate her. She knows the love is there, but Justin is just this guy who has trouble articulating his feelings. Most of the time, he’s more comfortable finding faults, hurling insults and nitpicking on the negative.

Which is why when Justin agreed to cut classes, go to the beach and transform into a super romantic person Rhiannon never knew he could be, she holds on to the hopes that things between them will now change. Except it wouldn’t, and it devastated her, because the Justin she was with on the beach is not Justin at all.

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Hello there! My name is Odee and I’m a design enthusiast from Manila, Philippines.


I dabble in multiple creative pursuits like hand lettering, digital drawing, urban sketching and photography.

Learning different mediums helps keep me in the art world whenever I feel like having a break. For example, if I hit the wall in hand lettering, I know that I can divert my energy and concentration into sketching a street scene. That way, even if I’m going through a mild case of artist’s block, I won’t stray far from creating.

While I intend to chronicle my creative journey, I also like writing about random here’s-what-I’m-thinking-right-now stuff, and this blog is my attempt to make sense of those moments that make up my humdrum life.


#10YearsOfTaylorSwift: My Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs

Gotta share my love for Taylor Swift and lettering ^_^

I’m not the biggest TSwift fan out there, but I am a fan nonetheless, and her songwriting skill is one that never ceases to amaze me. Listening to her words always makes me feel like I’m on some life audio tour; the lyrics are just so damn relatabale.

Ten years ago, Taylor Swift was just barely making it in the music industry. Today, she’s a super big name with a string of super big name ex-boyfriends and super big controversies: from Bye Bye Spotify to I Lied And Actually Gave Permission To Kanye to I Wrote Tom’s Name In That Blank Space. Okay, I just made those titles up, but even if you’re not a fan, I bet you know every single story behind them, hee hee!

So to enter into the spirit of #10YearsOfTaylorSwift, here’s my personal favorites from her discography. :)

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