I don’t know how to write a super interesting About page so I’m not sure how long I can keep you into reading this, but okay, I’ll try.

  • Call me Odee. If you’re a Starbucks barista, I’ll spell it out to you as O-D-Y just because three letters are easier to spell than four.
  • I’m from Manila, Philippines. I have a lot of complaints about my government/country/countrymen.
  • I work at the financial industry, though what I really wanted to be is a professional creative. But I don’t think I’m that good to take it on as career. Plus, it may be too late for that because–
  • –I’m already 30. I still get carded whenever I go to casinos, though. I look really young.
  • I’m a butch lesbian.
  • Currently dating a pretty girl named Mich.
  • I have grand ambitions and no resolve to chase them. *sad*
  • A non-practicing Born Again Christian, though I ping-ponged from being an atheist to a believer over the years. But the complexity of life and nature makes it utterly impossible for me to conclude with finality that He doesn’t exist.
  • I like listening to Hillsong, Hillsong United and Elevation Music.
  • I’ve always wanted to write a bucketlist, but never get around to doing it. I don’t know why.
  • I can be oversensitive to someone I care about–
  • –And less sensitive to everyone else.
  • I clean up my Facebook Friends list every now and then. I just don’t like being “friends” with people who obviously don’t give a shit about my life updates. Like, what are we even friends for?
  • I have this weird disposition that “things will always work out.” It’s not the first thought when I’m going through a rough time, plus on really bad days, I could be self-destructive. But just when everything is about to go dark, it rises up as a rescue.

Okay, any other questions? :)



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