Hello! My name is — well, you already know that , don’t you? But for formality’s’ sake, let me reintroduce myself. ^_^

The Philippine National Statistics Office have my name registered as Melody, but I prefer being called Odee (or Ody when I spell it for my Starbucks cup).


My creative story does not go back too far. Believe it or not, I actually sucked big time at hand lettering when I was in school. I did not attempt to try it again as an adult until 2014, when I received my first set of Daiso brush pens as a gift. I didn’t own as much as colored pens in the past, so finally having a legit writing/drawing tool that wasn’t either a normal ballpoint pen or pencil really boosted my lettering appetite. From there, I also picked up other pursuits, the latest of which is urban sketching. I’m not really the type to focus on a singular art thing, so who knows what else I’d get myself into in a couple of years LOL.

I draw letters simply for fun, but I do hold private lettering classes by request. You can check out the details HERE.


I do have a regular 8-hour night shift job in the financial industry that funds my love for pen hoarding, unhealthy food, travels, and weekend movie dates with the Girlfriend. I own a dog named Tiger who likes to bite on jeans, shoe laces, and people’s fingers. ^_^

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theletteringjunkie
Instagram: http://instagram.com/theletteringjunkie
Twitter: http://twitter.com/heyitsodee
Email: artifex15@outlook.com

Cheerio! :D