Here’s the story: I was on my way home the other day when, in the middle of traffic, my car got hit by a silver SUV.

It wasn’t a bad hit. In fact, my car’s rear bumper only had a couple light scratches, while the SUV had a deep cut and the front fender popped out.

A middle-aged woman stepped out of the SUV. I think she was panicking because she kept apologizing and admitted that she was looking somewhere else, hence she didn’t see my car in front of her. The cops then asked me, “well, what do you want to do?”

I knew I could demand payment for the damage, even though it wasn’t major. One, it was totally the SUV’s fault; and two, there were a bunch of cops in the corner who saw the whole thing. The SUV driver couldn’t flip the table against me even if she tries.

But in the end, I told the cops and the woman that it was fine.

I’m not telling this story so I could get a round of applause. What I want to share was the lesson I learned as I drive away from the scene: that you don’t always have to push for payback. In some situations, it is perfectly okay to let things slide. And to be honest, I felt really good as I continued my journey home than I ever felt the entire day. :)


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