I couldn’t sleep last night, so after watching Jurassic World and fangirling over Chris Pratt’s badassery, I decided to revisit my watercolor pens. It’s been a while since I played with them and I got a wee bit inspired by a random desktop wallpaper of Pixar’s Up, so I thought, why not translate that inspiration on paper? :)


You prolly heard me say this before, but I want to reiterate it: I suck at colors. I rarely work with colors because they’re my weakness. I dived into color pens, watercolors, and now, watercolor pens. I’m terrible at all of them. But part of every person’s journey through art is sucking at something. That doesn’t mean we should let it stop us, yeah? #inspiration


First thing I did was draw a draft of the house with pencil, then put my watercolor pens to work. The darker shades were meant to be “shadows” when I blend them with water later. As you would see on the next photo, it didn’t come out the way I wanted…


The shadow effect I was aiming for was barely noticeable. :( Either I had to really rub the color in or I was doing the brush strokes wrong, hence it didn’t blend properly.

I added the finishing touches to the house and the aesthetics improved a tiny bit. Aw man, I had to compensate for this. The solution: add a handlettered quote.

So here’s the finished piece! I think I did a good job with the balloons though LOL. :D


Hey, if you have any tips for me on how to use watercolor pens, I would really appreciate if you can share it! Thanks in advance, whoever you are! ^_^


Let me know what you think! :)

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