ONE. Pokémon Go had taken over my life after its release here in the Philippines. I got really stoked when I got Pikachu as my starter Pokémon, only to regret it later because my Pikachu was terribly weak af. Well, I admit I, only wanted one for bragging rights haha. Anyway, I joined Team Instinct (*dab pose!*) after Level 6 because Valor and Mystic were too mainstream LOL.

Several weeks later, I got tired of the game. Sad, really, because it has so much potential. Unfortunately, aside from catching Pokémon and occasionally battling in gyms, there’s nothing else to do. And if you, like me, live in a place where there are no Pokéstops and the nearest gym is several miles away, you’ll have less reason to play.

TWO.  I just learned how to play Uno and Monopoly Millionaire Deal card game! :D I actually survived my teen years not knowing how these two are played haha. I realized how much I’ve missed. Now I’m planning to buy my own deck and challenge the Girlfriend to see which one of us would be a millionaire first.

Now if only being a millionaire in real life is that easy…

THREE. Finally crossed two films from my to-watch list: Equals and The Intern. I love, love, love the latter and have mixed feelings about the former.

Equals is… well, Equals is an okay movie. It’s not superb, but it isn’t super duper bad, either, thanks to Nicholas Hoult haha. I like dystopian films because the premise always seem so fascinating. In Equals, humanity’s pursuit of perfection led to a society invalidating all feelings and human emotion. It’s an interesting “what if” to explore, but one of the movie’s flaws, in my opinion, is the remarkably slow pace. It took an awful lot of time and painstakingly established the setting. I’m like, yes, we get it, move on already.

The Intern, on the other hand, was so much fun to watch. It’s a light film about a 70-year-old grandpa who was hired as an intern at a start-up fashion company full of millenials. And what happens next? He becomes a major rockstar. :D

FOUR. I finally joined the world of Mac users and purchased my first ever Macbook. It’s going to take some time getting used to because I’ve always been a Windows person. They say that once you go Mac, you never go back. Time to put that quote to the test now, yeah? ;)

Also, I was listening to CCMs (Contemporary Christian Music) a couple of days ago and realized that despite keeping my distance away from organized religion, I still enjoy CCMs every now and then. I still know the lyrics for every single one, and I still sing along, if only to feel the fire one more time.


We’re almost in the middle of September now! Days really breeze fast on Ber months, it might as well be Christmas tomorrow. How are y’all doing so far? :)


3 thoughts on “Life Lately in Grids.

    1. Yes, PGo is starting to bore several players, including me. :( Still waiting for the next major update so I’m keeping my app, but I haven’t played in weeks.
      Thank you, I hope this Mac thing really live to its name! So far I’m still missing Windows. Maybe it’s going to take a much longer time getting used to haha. :)


      1. I’m still playing Final Fantasy Exvius for a couple of months now, but it’s starting to lose steam… until they added a new chapter. :D

        What I heard is that Mac’s really good for creatives. I know some mates who prefer it for videos and illustrations. You’ll get the hang of it, for sure!

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