Annyeonghaseyo! Kamsahamnida! Saranghae! These were the only Korean words I know when I went to Seoul last March 2016. I used and abused the first two, but didn’t get into any appropriate situation to use the third one haha.

As the entire world knows, South Korea is the land of K-dramas, and never in my past 27 years did I think that I’d be able to set foot on it one day. Luckily, I was granted a Korean Visa and got the plane ticket on promo fare. Bags packed, bubble jackets on, and off we flew to Incheon. :)


A train ride from Incheon International Airport brought us at last to the country’s capital, Seoul. After a quick hot pot dinner, we rested for the night to preserve our energy for next days’ activities.

collage-2016-08-31 (3)

collage-2016-08-31 (1)

I enjoyed the guided tour inside Gyeongbokgung Palace because of all the bits of information shared by our tour guide. For one, did you know that back in the days, a King and his Queen never sleep together in the same room? If they wanted to, er, make royal babies, the King had to go to the Queen’s quarters. Bit of an inconvenience really. But Korean monarchy was more about politics than #truelove, so maybe they didn’t mind? Haha I wouldn’t know.

collage-2016-08-31 (4)

A bit of an uphill walk from Gyeongbokgung is the traditional Korean folk village of Bukchon Hanok. Despite being a tourist spot because of the houses’ traditional design, this is a residential area, hence signs that say “Silence Please” are all over the place.

collage-2016-08-31 (5)

collage-2016-08-31 (6)

Of course, a visit in Seoul is not complete without shopping at Myeongdong, where every friggin’ Korean skin care products are located. The Girlfriend is big on skin care and wanted to check out every single store — the staff gives freebies like face masks and sample products just by going in — I gave up on walking soon enough. Ergo, I spent the rest of the afternoon at Starbucks while the Girlfriend shops away. Win-win!

collage-2016-08-31 (7)

Altogether, I had a lot of fun at Seoul even if my feet frequently ached from too much walking. The Girlfriend and I already booked another trip to South Korea this December. This time though, our goal is to relive Descendants of the Sun, i.e., eat chocopie and spend a couple of hours at Dalkomm Coffee. Also, if we can get a stuffed teddy bear soldier, that would be really cool! :D

collage-2016-08-31 (8)


6 thoughts on “안녕하세요! Annyeonghaseyo! Travel Diary: Seoul.

      1. You should go back! :D I haven’t experienced the border myself. I wonder how it’s going to feel like, knowing that NoKor is just on the other side… (-_-)

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Jakey that’s not weird at all! It was originally included in our itinerary, but i didn’t want to pack too much activities because my feet gets easily worn out. Maybe we’ll check it out this December when we return! ^_^


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