Ever since I first saw how some creative people on Instagram do travel sketches, I’ve been wanting to do it myself. But drawing on-location demands a lot more time than what my travel companion/s are willing to give, ergo, I have never done a travel sketch on the road.

What I do, though, is take photos of places and scenes I would want to draw later. Bleh!


Okay, I’ve never been to Milan. It was the Girlfriend who went on a European tour and brought back tourist maps and booklets because she knows I like reading those stuff.


This caricature is based off of an actual street in Hong Kong. Honestly, it seemed to me that every street in HK is full of billboard signs, each competing for attention. It was the first foreign country I visited, and also where I experienced my first winter. I really enjoyed the cold. It was a sharp contrast to Philippine weather, where we only get either dry and humid or wet and windy. Boohoo.


The one thing that stood out to me when I visited Singapore was its four languages: English, Malay (Malaysia), Mandarin (China) and Tamil (Sri Lanka). All signages and public service announcements are translated in these four languages. I applaud the diversity of Singapore’s culture. ^_^


I’m not very good at journaling, but I tried anyway because I want to put the Moleskine notebook I got for my birthday to good use. I have fallen in love with South Korea when I went there for the first time last March. My mom was a huge fan of Dae Jang Geum (대장금; Jewel In The Palace in some countries) and she was wowed when I showed her my photos at the Gyeongbokgung Palace.

This November, I will return to South Korea, now armed with basic Korean i.e., annyeonghaseyo (hello), kamsahamnida (thank you) and joesunghamnida (I’m sorry). Ha! I’m excited! :D


5 thoughts on “Brush Pen x Drawing x Travel.

  1. These are all amazing! I’m a fan of travel sketches too (and even of mapmakers on TDAT) and wonder if these people really draw on location, but I think it’s more practical to do what you did here, unless you’re traveling solo.

    My sister booked a ticket to S.Korea in November too, but without a return ticket. :P I think she just did it on a whim and just planned to see how it goes.


    1. I think some people really have a lot of time on their hands to be able to draw on location. I wish I could do it, too. Like, maybe some of my feelings while sketching in the middle of the action would translate on paper haha!

      Ohh, I bet your sister is going to have a lot of fun! I really admire people who can look out for themselves abroad. It takes a lot more independence to get lost in a foreign country than a foreign town or city within PH. :D

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