Back to basic.

I think, the one mistake I consistently do when it comes to blogging is waiting for something bloggable to happen before I actually start to write. Experiences like discovering a new place to eat out, or watching a really cool movie to review, or traveling, are some of the things I consider worth writing about. But while they … Continue reading Back to basic.


2017: The year that was.

How strange, such a year coming to a close. How strange the way life ebbs and flows. -- Tyler Knott Gregson // The thing about New Year's Eve: you look back to the previous year and see everything that happened with different eyes because you're now looking at it from the outside. My 2017 was … Continue reading 2017: The year that was.

Overthinking at twenty-nine.

I turned 29 eight months ago. First off, let me just say that I find it so not easy to be a 29-year-old in 2017. Surrounded by millennial go-getters, both in the online and real world, makes me feel as if I spent my last 29 years doing nothing. I see 20-year-olds making their first … Continue reading Overthinking at twenty-nine.

On writing again.

I once had a friend who took a blogging hiatus. When he came back to the blogosphere, his Facebook status was something like this: I could say that I have matured as a writer because I no longer want to write about myself. He became a food blogger and, last time I checked, is doing very … Continue reading On writing again.